Greener Home, Greener Life

Greener Home, Greener Life

We hear words like "green", "sustainable", "earth-friendly", "energy efficient" and "carbon-neutral" bandied about today to sell almost every product you can imagine. What does it really mean to you?  When it comes to your home and your lifestyle, there are many reasons to make these greener choices, here are just a few as they apply to your home:

  • Increased fuel efficiency lowers your heating bill and decreases your contribution to air pollution.
  • Water-efficient appliances, lawn sprinklers and a low-water lifestyle decreases your water bill and reduces the strain on our limited resources.
  • Low VOC paint, carpet and hard surfaces improves your indoor air quality and your health.
  • Strategic landscape design reduces both water and energy costs
  • Planting a vegetable and herb garden reduces both your trips to the store and supports more local produce as the cost of shipping in a more competitive environment becomes cost prohibitive.  And yes, a well planned garden can add value to your home!
  • Energy efficient windows and improved insulation will reduce both heating and cooling costs.

Our local Board of Realtors has instituted a Green Survey for homes listed on IRES, our local MLS (Multi-List Service).  They are collecting data to share with appraisers to determine the correlation between adding certain green features and the resulting sales price of the home. Thinking of selling? Be sure to ask your Realtor to complete the green survey on your home. It just may sell faster and higher!